JACL provides leadership on a national scale for many important issues that affect our daily lives.

  • These programs have included in recent years the monitoring of anti-Asian violence;
  • The promoting of accurate accounts of the Japanese American experience in our nation’s textbooks;
  • The promotion of leadership development skills;
  • The creation of the Legacy Fund, a perpetual endowment that is helping to ensure that we can carry on our work into the future;
  • The ongoing monitoring of the campaign for Redress, in which we successfully lobbied the US Government for compensation and an apology for Japanese American WWII internment camp survivors.


As a member of JACL you become reconnected-through a wide range of local programs and activities at the Chapter level-to the spirit, heritage, and culture of Japanese American life. This may include participating in social activities, helping out with educational programs, or simply attending local board meetings.

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